During  September 20 -24, 2017 we will have the EUD Master Guide Seminar in Pensiunea Sequoia, Sacuieu (Romania). This is all the info you need to know:


First part: From September 20th to 22nd
The participants will be divided in groups of maximum about 10-12 people and will deploy from there following a set of points/GPS Coordinates. They will have to find different map points. In each point they will have to do some Pathfinder Techniques (rescue techniques, purifying water, building with knots, orienteering, starting fire, abseiling,…). In some points there will be a monitor giving some instructions and checking the technique used and in some other points they will have to find something using orienteering. By the end of September 22nd all the groups should be in the meeting point in Pensiunea Sequoia, Sacuieu.
Second part: From September 22nd (sun set) to 24th
We will meet all together in a camp with tents at the Pensiunea Sequoia, Sacuieu. This time will be for fellowship and worship together during Sabbath, and to share the participants projects that they did or they are doing in the area of Pathfinders and Master Guides in their fields.


  • One important thing has changed that is the deadline to register. The new deadline will be: August 25th, 2017.
  • It will be useful that each group has someone with smartphone that they can use it in case of emergency and to locate the group if they get lost.
  • The Romanian Union will provide the tents for the international participants. If you are not Romanian, you can mention that they could select “No” in the question regarding to bring a tent.


    1. Each group will have to walk every day around 20 km, so it is highly recommended that everyone that plans to participate could do some hiking in advance. This will prevent having muscle pain afterwards. The more training they do the better they will feel and enjoy the Challenge.
    2. Be ready to sleep a couple of nights in bivouac (sleeping without any tent).
    3. Be ready to sweat ; )
    4. If they plan to buy new boots or trail-running shoes we recommend that they use them some weeks before the activity. This will avoid them from getting blisters.
    5. Be ready for adverse weather conditions. If it rains we will keep doing the activity, this is part of the Challenge.
    6. Be ready to survive with a small amount of food during these days of hiking. Also part of the Challenge ; )
    7. Everybody will need a backpack for hiking that could carry the sleeping bag, the mattress, water bottle, warm clothes, raincoat, compass, some food and a flashlight.
    1. The participants need to bring their own personal camping equipment. They could leave the things they won’t use during the hiking to lighten the backpack in a bag in the meeting point. Bring the stuff separately with your name and country (sticker or a label), so it is easy to leave what they won’t use right at the beginning.


We will organize the logistics to pick the people up from the airport on Wednesday 20th and bring them to Pensiunea Sequoia, Sacuieu, which will be our meeting point. The same way we will organize the departure on Sunday 24th to take the people to the airport. Please, consider the following recommendations in your communication with the potential participants that will come by plane:
  • The airport must be Cluj-Napoca (ROMANIA).
  • ARRIVING: Try to book flights that can arrive during the afternoon and avoid those that will arrive late at night. We are about 1h 30’ from the meeting point + we have to start the activity the same Wednesday 20th.
  • DEPARTURE: Try to book flights not very early in the morning. We are about 1h 30’ from the airport and we have to organize the transportation with volunteers.
  • Make sure they give us a phone number and they have the phone operative when they land in Romania. If there is any change in their flight schedule, please contact the team and let them know.


Pastor Jonatan Tejel, the new EUD Youth Ministries Director, will be with us as the main speaker for the Master Guide Seminar. Our current EUD Youth Ministries Director Stephan Sigg will be with us as well as a Director of this Master Guide Seminar.


This seminar is only for MASTER GUIDES or CANDIDATES approved by the SPANIS UNION YOUTH DEPARTMENT. Only for people over 18 years of age. Registration will be open until August 25, 2017. Remember to do the payment (80€) to UICASDE-JAE Account:

ES20 0049 2675 1021 1401 5504 (BSCH) and send receipt to [email protected]

Registration Form 2017